Channels are not working

There are 2 ways to figure out this problem depending on whether you have the ability to repair. This ability to repair means you have huge potential to minimize the time and energy cost to make the VoltBot revived again.

There are 3 things you need to be able to repair it:
1. Soldering iron
2. Hot air soldering station
3. The knowledge and skill to use both

Soldiering iron and Hot air station

You can change the chips according to specific damaged channels. The position of the chips is as shown in the picture below.


Here are 2 ways to get these chips:

1. You could buy chips directly on Digi-Key. Here is the link of RT7258GSP and link of AO4474 (SM4839 or other MOSFET[SO-8 Package/30V/10~20A/Qg:0nF~100nF]also works.

2. If it is not convenient for you to buy the chips on the Digi-Key, you could apply to get them from us. Please notify us by emailing to You could also attach the information about your name, country, address, telephone number and zip code in the email. We will deal with it within 24 hours after receiving the email.

You could apply to us for a replacement.
Unfortunately, we have to ask you to provide solid proof that your VoltBot really needs a replacement.

After we carefully examine the proof you provide, we will deliver a new one to you and it will take 7-14 days.

We need the information below, and you could send them to

1. Pictures or a movie describe the trouble.

2. Address information, including name, country, address, telephone number, and zip code.

The replacement is free, but we have to charge $20 for the shipping. Then you could remit the money to via PayPal, and attach transaction ID or a screenshot of the transaction within the email.

We will deal with it within 24 hours after receiving the email.